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Voter Targeting

If you're involved in political campaigning, you may have heard phrases like "2 of 4 voters" -- voters who have participated in 2 of the last 4 elections. Oftentimes, consultants use simple screens like this to determine which voters to focus on during a campaign. Some spend less than a minute determining which voters to target -- one of the most crucial decisions during a campaign.

PSNW believes that "2 of 4" isn't enough. We dive into the voting profile of each voter, tracking their participation across elections and determining the likelihood they'll vote based on their individual history. We will also work to identify your campaign's key voters based on voters' ideological and demographic profiles. Our voter universes more accurately predict who will turn out, reducing wasted resources and maximizing the reach of your communications.

PSNW's data-driven voter targeting and analysis are regularly featured in local media. Whether you're running a candidate campaign, ballot measure, or independent expenditure, make sure there's thought and science behind one of your campaign's most important decisions.